Commercial Electrical Services

Electric Zone skilled professionals have a great experience in commercial electrical repairs. We offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability, including on-line job management and reporting. We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services, including diagnose, repair, lighting design and wiring at your business house. We have a commitment to a high standard of Health and Safety and believe all accidents are preventable.

Diagnosis and Repair

Electric Zone provides commercial diagnosis and repair in case of electrical wiring problems at your commercial location, retail store, restaurant, hotel, factory, plant or office building that can be a danger to your business and property. We offer you quick, expert electrical repair for your business.
Electric Zone provides services that are prompt and reliable. We know that your business commitments are very demanding and waiting for electrical repair technicians is not on the agenda.
Commercial Electrical Wiring Diagnosis and Repair Services
Our main advantages are professionalism, reliability and safety that we have proven through years of experience and our work results.
Respecting your company needs and your time we will get back to you quickly and provide efficient services keeping you satisfied.
We have a team of licensed professional, who have background and many years of experience in this filed.
We provide expert diagnostics. With specialized diagnostic equipment and years of field experience, you’ll get a quick, accurate diagnosis..
Our services are cost-effective and efficient, that save both your money and time at the same time.
Contact us to get complete electrical services, including expert diagnostics and repair!

Installation and Upgrades

Electric Zone electricians provide installation and update services for the electrical system of your business. We have first-class professionals with years of experience and advanced skills to provide efficient and proper electrical work. We insure to make your electrical system meet your business needs. Respecting your company needs and your time we will get back to you quickly and provide efficient services keeping yousatisfied.
Commercial Electrical Improvements
If you have problem with circuit breakers, we are here to diagnose and improve the issue quickly. We’re experienced with the most modern electrical systems as well as the more “vintage” wiring that many local buildings have. We will make all the electrical upgrades and improvements to help your business to run much more smoothly and efficiently.
Commercial Specialty Lighting
Commercial specialty lighting will change the design of your workplace. They may also be used for the security and convenience reasons. Count on us. We will suggest creative solutions for your workplace lighting.
Commercial Energy Savings and Audits
Don’t let skyrocketing energy costs take off with your hard-earned profits. Learn more about ways your business can save energy, money, and the environment. Schedule your complimentary energy audit with Electric Zone today.
Commercial Electrical Safety and Security
Because the safety and security of your employees and customers is job number one, Electric Zone can help you address all of your safety and security needs, including motion detectors, security lights, backup generators, maintenance agreements, and more!
Diagnosis, Repairs and Maintenance
No matter what type of electronic equipment your business utilizes, you can count on the professionals at Electric Zone. Our experienced electricians also specialize in quick diagnosis and thorough troubleshooting of electrical systems. We’re familiar with electrical setups used by all types of businesses. No matter what industry you work in, we can help. Once diagnosis is complete, we will go over our recommendations and any options to repair an electrical problem at your company.
Electrical System Maintenance
Is your commercial electrical system up to the latest in electrical code updates? With changes and additions every three years, it may be hard for your business to keep up. Don’t stress, you have enough on your plate, rely on the professionals at Electric Zone. Contact us today. Our dedicated commercial electricians are standing by with the tools and expertise to easily address all of your commercial electrical needs.

Electrical System Maintenance

Commercial business depends on quality electrical systems to get the everyday jobs done. Point-of-sale terminals, lighting, security, equipment, computers and more depend on stable, in-building electrical grids. Electric Zone commercial electrical service and maintenance solutions provide coverage for a wide range of your electrical power needs.
Advantages of Commercial Electrical System Maintenance
• Avoid any type of business interruption or other electrical issues
• Provide safety
• Protect your property from fire
• Protect your data from loss
• Keep insurance rates low
• Save energy and your business costs
• Ensure compliance with occupational safety and building codes
• Keep your peace of mind
Electric Zone Commercial System Maintenance (Electric Zone professional electricians provide prompt and efficient commercial system maintenance.)
Our advantages are:
• Licensed and experienced commercial electricians: Our experienced professionals will conduct commercial system maintenance properly and promptly. Dependable and accountable: All electrical work is done to code and passes inspection.
• Guaranteed results: We guaranty the results of the commercial system maintenance performed by our electricians.
Electric Zone electricians will inspect the whole electrical system at each maintenance visit. Our services include:
• Check Wiring
• Test Electrical Connections
• Evaluate Surge Protection
• Lighting
• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Electrical Cords and Outlets
• Surge Protection
• Backup Generators
• Electrical Panels
• Rewiring and Code Updates
After each maintenance process our electricians will provide a detailed report about the condition of your electrical system, upgrade needs and find possible solutions and the best options for the given issues.
Maintenance Plan (Electric Zone maintenance plan offers the following packages of premium solutions)
• Discounted maintenance plan pricing on future service needs.
• Priority scheduling depending on service needs
• Access to our discounted products and promotions
To keep your company and data safe, you’ll need electrical maintenance services. Trust our electricians, who will provide cost-effective and proper solutions to keep your business safe.

Commercial Electrical Improvements

Electric Zone experienced electricians provide commercial electrical improvements services that are cost-effective, efficient and safe Below are described our services in details.
Electrical Panel Upgrades
A panel upgrade increases electrical capacity. When service to your business is upgraded or changed, that capacity is increased. A panel upgrade is performed to replace outdated electric panel equipment. It improves the safety and reliability of your electrical system, adds value to your business, and gives you peace-of-mind.
Circuit Installation and Upgrades
If your work is interrupted because of breaker tripping, don’t hesitate to contact us and our professionals will handle the problem.
Dedicated Computer Circuitry
Electric Zone skilled professionals will protect your expensive computer equipment by installing dedicated computer circuitry in your office space.
Retrofit Lighting
Retrofit lighting is new and energy efficient lighting that is also cost-effective.
Electrical System Upgrades
Our experienced electricians provide quick and accurate system diagnosis, upgrades and repairs.
Transformers provide efficient and safe electrical load operation. Contact us and we will quickly install transformers to keep your data safe.
Other Services Offered by Electric Zone
• Data and Communication Lines
• Service and Maintenance Agreements
• Hi-tech Troubleshooting

We provide services of energy efficient lighting upgrades, inspection, repairs, etc. for your company and business. We will help you to:
• Light Up Your Workspace: Through light fixtures we can make your business into energy-filled commercial successes.
• Save Energy and Money: Our services will help you save energy and money.
• Maximize Security and Safety: Through our services your business and data will be safe and secure.
• Provide Commercial Electrical Upgrades, Installation and Maintenance.
Turn to Electric Zone specialists to have perfectly working electrical systems for your business and workplace.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Electric Zone professionals provide commercial specialty lighting both for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our specialists will suggest lighting solutions according to your business needs and requirements. We create special-purpose lighting solutions for your specific business. Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions for Your Business. We supply and install energy efficient lighting solutions both for small and large commercial buildings. Our exclusive services provides the complete solution to reduce your energy bills and reduce your business operating costs.
Ballast and Bulb Replacement
Limiting the electrical current flow to fluorescent bulbs, commercial ballasts protect them from overheating and burning.
Custom Lighting Design
Electric Zone specialists have the tools to evaluate your current commercial lighting setup for energy efficiency and find solutions to lower your operating costs.
We offer the following types of custom lighting:
• Landscape and Security Lighting
• Surge Protection
• Custom Lighting Design
• Holiday Lighting
• Recessed Lighting
• Electrical Panel Upgrades
• Landscape Lighting
• Security Lighting
• Parking Lot Lighting
In case your company has lighting needs, we are the ones to help you with all your company’s specialty lighting needs.

Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

There are several reasons having an energy audit done is the right decision for most building owners. In these days of uncertainty, it is important to keep operating expenses to a minimum. Electric Zone professionals perform electrical energy audits to find out how efficient your energy system is performing. We are ready to develop full custom plans based on your current energy efficiency level and the results you would like to have.
A commercial electrical energy audit will identify opportunities to:
• Lower energy expenses and increase profits.
• Provide stable temperatures.
• Increase lighting quality.
• Improve safety.
• Add style to your business.
Solar Energy Systems
The main functions of solar energy systems are to reduce energy expenses and protect environment. Solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun. It reduces your energy costs and saves money.
Energy Saving Lighting Solutions.
Electric Zone experts will help you to keep energy costs under control and provide the right lighting for necessary tasks. We offer lighting solutions that are affordable and efficient.
Wireless Lighting Controls
Wireless lighting controls are comfortable and convenient for use.
Contact Electric Zone and our professionals are experts at saving energy costs.

Commercial Electrical Safety and Security

Electric Zone specialists will protect your property and data from electrical accidents. Electricity and wiring are potential dangers to any business. Don’t let your business be in danger of electrical issues.
Dedicated Computer Circuitry
Our licensed, trained electricians can install dedicated circuitry for the computers in your office to prevent slowdown and correct any electrical problems you may experience throughout the day.
Generator Installation and Maintenance
Generators are an inevitable requirement to combat power outages and overcome the resultant hindrances to business continuity. Call us to provide generator installation for your business benefits.
Other services Offered by Electric Zone:
• Hi-Tech Troubleshooting
• Code Updates and Corrections
• Wiring Upgrades
• Transfer Switches
• Specialty Receptacles
• Electrical Safety Inspections
• Shock and Fire Prevention – AFCIs/GFCIs
• Surge Protection
• Transfer Switches
• Wiring Upgrades
With just one call to us, you can help to protect your company from harm. Your electrical safety is in danger of electrical fires, electric shock injury and electrocution. Call us and our specialists will check the whole electric system of your office and provide solutions for the safety purposes. Electric Zone offers a free electrical inspection with every service call, to help ensure your business is safe. Our experts can find any problem with your electrical system and let you know what kind of solutions they need. We can help you to prevent injuries, lawsuits, data loss and even fatalities at your place of business.

Power Generators

Power generators are designed to backup source of power in the event of a power outage. In business power generators ensure continued productivity, keeping necessary appliances in operation. Power generators keep your computers and data safe during your working process, providing uninterrupted power supply.
Types of Commercial Power Generators
Portable generators may be wired into a subpanel by an electrician or simply plugged into appliances using extension cords. They power only chosen essentials such as lights, refrigerators and some computers. They are a simple and inexpensive backup power option, but must be started and maintained. They offer a limited supply of electricity, providing enough power for two to four outlets or a few specific circuits when wired in.
Standby Standby generators start automatically during power outages, preventing interruptions in electrical service. They are powered by natural gas or propane, are quieter than portable models, and have the ability to power everything in your business. They come at a higher price and also require the professional installation of a transfer switch, a subpanel, and the power generator itself.
Potential Problems
• Battery failure: Battery failures are wide-spread problems for power generators, that may be result of sulfate buildup on terminals, shorts, open cells, a tripped charger breaker, charger failure, or simply due to loose or dirty connections.
• Low coolant: External and internal leaks, clogged radiators, and more can cause a power generator to run hot and shutdown.
• Faulty block heater.
• Wet stacking.
• Air in the fuel system: This usually happens to generators that do not run on regular basis and this problem can be prevented by regular checkups and inspections.
• Out of fuel: In case the generator is out of fuel it will automatically shut down.
• Breaker trip: If no one has accidentally pushed the emergency shut off, check the status of the automatic transfer switch (ATS).
Professional Generator Installation
Professional installation ensures safety, which can only be provided by a professional electrician. This may prevent many types accidents connected with the power delivery, like he overloading of you generator, backfeeding, fire, and other safety issues. Proper positioning and installation of your portable generator is also essential in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
Electric Zone electricians will install generators ensuring all local codes and regulations are met. Contact us to have your generator installed safely, meeting all your emergency power needs and ensuring the continuity of your business.

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

A panel upgrade increases electrical capacity. When service to your business is upgraded or changed, that capacity is increased. A properly functioning electrical panel provides the safety and productivity of your business.A panel upgrade involves changing the electric panel equipment serving your business. The things that specifically change are the connections within the grid on the structure, the meter and all cables leading in and out of it, the distribution panel, which houses all the circuit breakers, and your grounding system.
The main problems that arise from old electrical panels include:
• Flickering lights
• Breakers that constantly trip or fuses that frequently blow
• Melted electrical wires
• The need to turn off one appliance to use another
• Defective circuit breakers
• Dangers to your business resulting from fire and electrical shock
Electric Zone experienced professionals and specialists offer to install electrical panels to ensure your safety and efficient operation for your business.
The following indicate a need for a new electrical panel:
• Crackling sounds emitting from the electrical panel
• Corrosion or rust on the breakers or panel
• Overheating electrical service conductors
• The use of multiple extension cords
• The need for additional outlets or two pronged (non-grounded) outlets
• Computers that are not on a dedicated circuit
• Electronic devices that do not operate at full power
• The installation of new equipment such as copiers, printers, computers, servers, projectors, and more which require dedicated or specialty outlets
• Additions or renovations to your business
• The need for a 240 volt circuit
• The addition of a sub panel
• Your business utilizes a fuse block or split bus panel (no main breaker) – technology which is far outdated and unsafe, posing both fire and electrocution safety risks
• Your insurance company requires a new electrical panel upgrade
We provide the following services:
• The right size service panel to meet your needs
• Local planning permits and approvals are received
• Wiring is installed to current local and federal codes, which frequently change
• A different power supply or meter is supplied by the power company before installation (when necessary)
• Existing wires are repaired and replaced where necessary, performed properly, and meet current codes
• The use of appropriate materials, including safe and proper grounding with copper
• Knowledge of your new system, including a schematic of your new panel and wiring and all functions and switches
Our technicians can install electrical panels to ensure your safety and efficient operation for your business. Call us and trust our professional services!

Circuit Installation and Upgrades

With improvements in technology, our businesses consume more electricity than ever before. With this higher demand for electricity, you may find that your electrical systems do not have the capacity to support the technology. Electric Zone experts and professional staff are here to upgrade your electrical circuits according to the needs of your business. Act now to update your building with the appropriate circuits and be on your way to secure, care-free, and continuous electricity.
Overloaded circuits are most often caused when the amount of electricity drawn through the circuit is greater than the outlets capacity. This causes circuit breakers to trip and shuts down all equipment on that circuit, which effects productivity. To prevent overloaded circuits and avoid the risk of electrical fire, outlets and circuit breaker should be upgraded to have the electrical capacity needed to keep your business running smoothly.
Main Reasons to Upgrade Your Circuits
1. Security Systems
2. Specialty Lighting
3. Appliances
4. Additional Outdoor Electricity
5. Ceiling Fans
6. Emergency Generator Installation
7. Home Entertainment Centers
8. Overloaded Outlets
9. Home Office Equipment
10. Cable or Satellite TV
11. Garage or Workshop
12. Lighting Control Stations
Electric Zone Technicians are here to serve you with circuit breaker replacement to make it work properly and efficiently. Contact us and get the support to meet all your needs and requirements!

Dedicated Computer Circuits

A dedicated circuit is a circuit serving only that appliance, which may be refrigerators, freezers, electric range, electric water heaters, furnaces, washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. Protect the appliances of your business by installing dedicated circuits. Dedicated computer circuits ensure the energy your computer needs without overloading your system, losing power, blowing a fuse, or tripping a breaker. If you add a new computer or appliance, you’ll need a new dedicated circuit, as well. Dedicated circuits increase productivity, reduces the electrical noise that may result in damaging surges and fluctuations in power and prevents electrical fires.
Professional Installation and Maintenance
Without circuit breakers your computers and appliances may draw too much current and get overheated, resulting in a fire. Dedicated circuits can take this in control and prevent damages. Electric Zone professional experts can find the need for circuit breaker and keep your computers, appliances and important data safe and secure.
Our professional technicians are ready to keep your business running smoothly and safely.

Ballast and Bulb Replacement

Commercial lighting is specially designed for the illumination of commercial premises in order to accommodate various business activities, from manufacturing to sales. By utilizing different colors, designs, and intensities, commercial lighting options offer custom solutions for various applications.
What light bulb type is best for my business?
• Incandescent: Older technology incandescent bulbs are less efficient than other choices and best utilized for task lighting requiring high levels of brightness.
• Halogen: Twice as efficient as an incandescent, they produce a very bright white light and are commonly used in outdoor applications such as security and stadium lighting.
• Fluorescent : The most commonly used commercial lighting, fluorescents and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), use 1/5 to 1/3 as much electricity as an incandescent.
• HID/Metal halide: High-intensity discharge bulbs have a long life, are extremely efficient, and produce large quantities of very bright light.
• LED: Light emitting diodes used in LED lighting are typically more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light bulb, using 75 percent less energy than an incandescent and lasting 35 to 50 times longer.
The Importance of Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency means using less energy to accomplish the same task. Since performance depends on the type of light bulb used, choose the most efficient light bulb that meets your business’s needs.
Electric Zone serves and provides the following types of lighting:
• Incandescent
• Halogen
• Flood Lights
• Fluorescent
• Compact Fluorescent
• Indoor/Outdoor
• Projector Bulbs
• Neon Lights
• Mercury
• Metal Halide
• Sodium Lamps
• Motion Sensors
• Dimmers/Timers
• Security Lighting
• Landscape Lighting
• Holiday Lighting
• Bathroom Lighting
• Kitchen Lighting
• Custom Lighting
• Track and Accent
• Recessed Lighting
Choose our services and we will justify your expectations. Don’t hesitate to call us and get the services of installation, repair, upgrades, and replacement to suit your needs and requirements.

Electric Zone is professional electrician company for your electrical needs.

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